Healthy whole-wheat veggie quesadillas

Spinach, corn and mushroom whole-wheat cheesy quesadillas

Crispy spinach mushroom quesadilla recipe (whole foods) This home-version of Crispy spinach mushroom quesadilla recipe (whole wheat) is tasty and healthy alternate to store brought similar cheesy flavoured ones. This Mexican delight is loved by most Mexican food lovers across the globe. After enjoying several versions of this dish across various restaurants, I decided to try it at home. The initial version was quite similar to restaurant style spinach mushroom quesadilla recipe. Later, I moved on to the whole wheat tortilla. The filling for this is same as spinach mushroom quesadilla recipe.

healthy chichkpea and broccoli salad

Healthy Chickpea and Broccoli Salad

Chickpea (garbanzo beans/ safed chane / chholey) is one of the most common beans eaten in Indian homes. Broccoli on the other hand is starting to gain popularity. However, chickpea and broccoli is not a usual combination in Indian homes. But they do taste really well together in this chickpea broccoli salad. It has a mild flavour to let you enjoy all the different veggies added to it. This salad is a good source of “proteins, iron, antioxidants, roughage, vitamin C, calcium…” and the list is almost infinite. Its also super digestive and yummy. It will satisfy all your taste preferences salty, sweet, tangy and cheesy (optional). You can play with the ingredients in this recipe to suit your taste. Try adding some boiled macaroni pasta or fresh bread chunks if you would like to increase carbohydrate content of the salad.

Chatpati Aloo Tikki Recipe (Spicy potato cutlet – Indian style)

This aloo tikki recipe would end your search for a quick and healthy snack. This spicy treat is rich in iron, anti-oxidants, electrolytes, minerals & vitamins. This is my mother’s recipe with little twists here and there… Tried it after several years and also the first time in 5 years of married life. Both kiddo and hubby loved it! My promise from this aloo tikki recipe is minimal oil & frying and super quick, but still get most of the taste!!!